Saturday, May 15, 2010


So yesterday was my second day volunteering at the gym. I was to be shadowing the fitness coordinator so i was pretty nervous about doing so. I decided to mirror her from across the pool. This time i decided to wear shorts and put my hair up because it is so hot in the pool area, as well i brought water with me and a towel.

So we started out slow and i was keeping up with her and its going great. I also didnt get the weird looks from the members so it was good time so far. I was feeling so great i decided to join her right beside her and at first she thought i was leaving or stopping but i whispered im joining you.

 So i continued going with her and got some smiles from people and she says about a few minutes after i joined her, can you continue for me while i change me like oooohhhhhh ooooookkkkkk.

So i continued what she was doing and went with it. I smiled, i talked a little bit but mostly i was nervous as heck because i was just thrown into it and didnt know what exactly i should do. She came back and we started to dance.

She does Zumba for the last 10 minutes of the class which is alot of fun and people look forward to it.

The class finished and we went over to where everyone comes out of the pool and greeted people. After most were out she gave me and the other girl some advice. She said the number one thing she can tell us is greet people coming out of the pool. It seperates the good intructor from the bad you can have a not so good routine but friendlyness is a key to success.

I asked if we could talk for abit and we headed to her office and she told i will do fine i have rythm and personality. So i asked her some of my questions that i had. She answered them, i pretty much knew the answers but i wanted some tips. She told me that she is working with me backwards in a sense because i have already done the shadowing part but i need to the paper part etc. So she is going to give me some papers next week and gave me some websites to check out as well she trusted me with her music.

It was a good day

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