Sunday, May 2, 2010


So yesterday i went to the Y for my workout and i walked the track doing my twelve laps which is equivilant to a mile. Listening to my tunes and power walking around the track thinking about what the doctor and i discussed about me blogging about my success with my wieght loss. How do i go about doing so and what do i talk about having never done this before. So i thought i just be honest and tell people how i did it and how i continue to do so.

So i finished my cardio workout and head downstairs to the weight floor and start to do my weights and im loving my new workout plan that i changed recently. I do my legs and core one day and the next day i do my arms.

There is one thing i learned while working out that you should never focus on the same area everyday as you are tearing your muscles and they need time to heal so you should split your muscles groups into two different days.

So im working hard on my legs and core yesterday and im feeling so good and sweating buckets from the workout. Remembering also what i was told about increasing weights instead of sets. Instead of doing more sets in your 3 set rotation per weight machine, means that you are ready to increase your weights. So if you are doing 40 pounds then increase by 5 pounds and stay with this for a few weeks.

I pretend not to know everything about weight loss or weight training i am just giving you guys the knowledge i have learned so far over the past few months.

I hope that with my volunteer work that i am starting this week, that i will learn more and gain some more knowledge for myself and for my friends.

So i left the Y feeling so great, refreshed, focused and could take on the world.

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