Wednesday, May 5, 2010

searching for the right words and ignorant people

So i have been struggling with my next post as it seems i have no followers yet and not many people have read my blog so im playing around with it to see how to get followers and let my friends know its out here etc.

Im not looking for fame or fortune from this i am looking to help women and men who have struggled with weight all there lives as i have and that it can be done and you dont have to spend alot of money doing so. As i am a single mom on government assistance right now.

So i finally came up with my next topic from yesterdays visit out shopping.

I worked for four years at a thrift store in my city and recently had to leave that job due to non work related injury, but i do go in there and shop alot to visit and the clothes are cheaper if i was to go retail. So i have been in there alot more recently because i am forever donating back to that store my larger clothes because they just dont fit anymore and i need new ones and im kind of in between sizes.

 I have gone from a 24-26 in pants and shirts to anywhere from a 14-18 depending on the brand and style. Which to me is alot and im sorry im looking and feeling great. So im at the checkout counter i hadnt found anything that visit but was talking to a current employee there and she made the comment im here alot more. SO i said well im widdling away to nothing i need new clothes. Her responce to me was "YOU ARE FAR FROM NOTHING". At the time i fluffed it off but as i got out of the store and thought to myself exactly what she said i was terribly insulted and hurt. Im sorry but losing 50 pounds is a big deal as my friends im sure could atest to.

So i posted this comment on my facebook profile and i have been getting nothing but positive comments back from my friends and how dare she.

To all of you haters out there of larger woman and who cannot be a positive person all i have to say is well honestly i cant say what i want to say so i will say this we are big beautiful women and if we choose to stay this way none of your business and if we choose to do something about it dont say a word because you will find a way to put us down.

To all of my supporters you rock and i thank you

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Kim said...

You just keep doing all that you are doing. People can't be supportive all the time, for many reasons. That doesn't diminish your success. Keep it up!