Wednesday, May 19, 2010

doctor visit

Today was annual check up but i think really it has been more than a year from the last one. I weighted in and i had lost 5 more pounds from the last visit. I go in usually every two weeks but it had been 3 because i had already had this physical booked.

 So i have this bet with my kids everytime i go for a weigh in to see how  much i have lost, we all pick a number of weight we think i have loss. Now the receptionist is aware of the bet and will often ask me who won this time.

So my youngest said 4 middle said 5 and i said 6 only because thats really what i wanted but didnt think i had so my middle son won.

So the doctor was going over my progress and my blood work etc and she was flipping through pages in my chart and saying im just looking for something. So i sitting there on the table in the lovely gowns they give you lol and im waiting and she turns to me and says the lowest weight i have for you on file is 224 and that was in 1994, im like wow. That was 3 yrs after my oldest was born. She said you have broken that record as i am now 211 on her scale of course because all scales are different.

I have not been this low in obvioulsy a long time and i am so happy and proud of myself. I must it is awesome and i must thank all of my friends and supporters for you i dont think i could continue well maybe this time i could but thanks.

So the doctor and i were discussing this blog and how i have started it and i dont have alot of followers yet but were working on that. As well its not all about the following its the inspiration as well and i think i hope i am doing that for many people if not one person. I discussed as well my volunteer work at the Y and the possibilities it could lead into for me.

Which i never thought i would say im actually loving the time i spend there along with my two volunteer experiences. I have spent most of my working life in retail and to think of venturing out there in unknown charters is scary but exciting because i do love it so much. Me Dana the fat girl the lazy girl who would never think of excerizing let alone going to a gym and working out or even going for a walk with her kids but yes i am now doing it and i cant say it enough i love it.

I did i think overdue it the other day as i have been in pain from the lower back down to my legs. I mean excrutiating pain. For those of you who dont know i have a bad back to begin with i have a bulging disc and really why i left my former job. With time it has gotten better AQUAFIT a huge part of it healing but unfortunately with this injury it is always there just depends if i can live with it and be pain free or not. I could do the smallest thing and screw it up again which is what i beleive i have done. Yes it could also be the mattress i sleep on is doing it as well. Who knows but i have messed it up so i am taking it easy right now, that doesnt mean i stop the exercizing i do it in moderation and stretching it out as well. I also continue to eat properly especially if i cant move well and exercize as much as i want to right now. So i do what i can right now at the gym.

So all in all my doctor visit was a huge success and she even wanted to photocopy my weight chart for me. I didnt say anything to her but i was thinking it i know the success i am having i dont need the chart but it was a nice thought.

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Kim said...

Woohoo. You are doing awesome! I hope your pain subsides. Its tough to maintain your work outs when you are in pain!