Sunday, May 23, 2010


Before I start out with my post for today I want to thank my dear friend for giving me some advice to make my blog more appealing and interesting to my viewers. So I thank her for that.

Thursday I went into my old store as I needed some clothes and ran into a few more people that had not seen me in awhile and the compliments I recieved was so great and almost overwhelming it blew me away. I thank all of them for that great responce to my success.

I specifically was looking for an old employee that day as she is an avid blogger, so I had asked her previously for some advice and I wanted to give her my information so she could check this out.

So we were talking and she was happy I gave her the information and would be checking it out this weekend, so I hope she hasn't visited already because this is in part to you C.L thank you.

Friday was going to be my third aquafit class shadowing the instructor, but this time I decided I would be beside her because I feel more comfortable. I was even feeling that if she was alittle late (which she sometimes can be) that I could start the class out myslef. She was on time, I did let her know that I had hurt my back again and I would be doing the class at a lower impact. Especially since i'm not on a mat but on the concrete.

The other person that is learning along with me was there as well and she was going to be leading part of the class, she has done the instructional part where I have not done so yet. So just before the instructor was going to change her music she asked if I would like to take over and this time I did not hesitate. I jumped at the chance and I went for it. I was awesome if i do say so myself. I was loud, funny, correct and friendly. We finished up with class and I immediately went to thank everyone for coming with a smile on my face.

I wasn't able to discuss with the instructor how i did as she was quite bust after, so I headed upstairs to do my weight training and one of the fitness instructors stopped me and she said I was watching you and you did a great job down there. I thanked her and continued to workout.

I left the gym and wasn't able to talk with her so I had to go back to the store to make a return and was talking with the blogger girl and she was like WOW your legs are amazing they are so skinny and toned. She asked how much it was I had lost and I told it was up to 55 pounds now she was like you look good. I didn't recognize you from behind either. I told her if I could just lose the tummy I would be happy. As we all know we loose where we might not need to. That is true for me, but at least it is a loss somewhere and the tummy will go down.

Saturday I really wanted to talk with the instructor and she was really busy but I did manage to sneak a quick chat with her. I asked her how I did and she told me I did great. She told me that she was going to be there next week but not the two after that. She said if I could I would get you to cover me but because I am not yet certified she can;t get me to cover. She said you are ready to do a class. So I asked what the next step was. She needs to get me the material, read it over take some quizzes, then do a class, evaluate me and then certify me. I'm like cool are you sure i'm ready she said yes you did great.

Yeah for me and I love it I can't wait to get training done and do my own class.

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