Friday, May 7, 2010


So after that awful comment from that woman i have rised above her and overcome and will not let her put me down or break me. 

I had so many repsonces positive ones in retro spec to her comments and it boosted my confidence and reassured me as to why i am doing this. So i thank all of you for supporting me.

So today i was to shadow one of the instructors during aquafit. I was told to wear black pants, running shoes and my new volunteer Ymca tshirt. Which i did and my plan was to just watch and take notes and then discuss with Y personal later. When i got there i was talking with the instructor i decided to mirror her, she taught at one end of pool and i would be at the opposite end of her. This way the class could not see me unless she turned them around in the pool.

So decided i would feel comfortable enough to do that. So class started and im moving along and keeping up and im realizing how hot it is in the pool area, you dont notice it as much when you have bathing suit on, and you head straight into the pool. When your doing the class your out of the pool the entire time and i repeat it is hot in there.

 So about ten minutes into this im starting to feel very hot and sweaty. Im like i got to keep it up and show them i can do this for of the BBW out there, This is for us. About half way through i couldnt take it anymore and i went and got a drink in the locker room. Came back and contuinued on but man oh man did i sweat.

From the looks on some peoples faces I was not well recieved and then others were happy to see me there which was refreshing.

I have alot of questions that i want to go over with the coordinator and i have been working on a routine so that im ready for a class. I have it written down and in my head but i would like to practice it in the water so i can see time wise how long i have and if i need to add more.

It was fun, alot of work and i really and truly enjoyed myself.

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Kim said...

Woohoo Dana. It will be nice to have you as a volunteer. The workouts planned by you will be given much thought and planning. I know you will recieve feedback well. I hope you find leading groups to be fun!