Monday, May 3, 2010

gym workouts

Today i started out slow as i had a later night for myself but i remember how i feel after i finish my workouts. So i got up and got myself out the door and headed to the gym. I missed aquafit so i decided to head upstairs and walk the track. It was my arms day so i decided that i would try something new while i walked. I finished my 12 laps and decided i would grab some weights and walk. So i started out and walked while i did some bicep curls etc. I walked 6 laps around the track while doing the weights and felt great i could have kept going but i wanted to get my other weight training in so i finished up and headed downstairs to the weight floor.

I started out on my least favourite machine my friend calls the butterfly and then headed to my favourite machines, finished them up and then did my free weights. I didnt think i would enjoy so much but i truely enjoy doing the free weights almost as much as the machines.

I finished up my program and was feeling fabulous.

I sit here and think to myself how did i get to this point in my life after so long of being overweight and now im here losing this weight and trying to help other people. As well as starting to do volunteer work and considering employment at the gym. never in a million years would i have thought me Dana would want this so bad and love what i am doing. I guess it was the right time in my life.

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