Sunday, May 23, 2010


Before I start out with my post for today I want to thank my dear friend for giving me some advice to make my blog more appealing and interesting to my viewers. So I thank her for that.

Thursday I went into my old store as I needed some clothes and ran into a few more people that had not seen me in awhile and the compliments I recieved was so great and almost overwhelming it blew me away. I thank all of them for that great responce to my success.

I specifically was looking for an old employee that day as she is an avid blogger, so I had asked her previously for some advice and I wanted to give her my information so she could check this out.

So we were talking and she was happy I gave her the information and would be checking it out this weekend, so I hope she hasn't visited already because this is in part to you C.L thank you.

Friday was going to be my third aquafit class shadowing the instructor, but this time I decided I would be beside her because I feel more comfortable. I was even feeling that if she was alittle late (which she sometimes can be) that I could start the class out myslef. She was on time, I did let her know that I had hurt my back again and I would be doing the class at a lower impact. Especially since i'm not on a mat but on the concrete.

The other person that is learning along with me was there as well and she was going to be leading part of the class, she has done the instructional part where I have not done so yet. So just before the instructor was going to change her music she asked if I would like to take over and this time I did not hesitate. I jumped at the chance and I went for it. I was awesome if i do say so myself. I was loud, funny, correct and friendly. We finished up with class and I immediately went to thank everyone for coming with a smile on my face.

I wasn't able to discuss with the instructor how i did as she was quite bust after, so I headed upstairs to do my weight training and one of the fitness instructors stopped me and she said I was watching you and you did a great job down there. I thanked her and continued to workout.

I left the gym and wasn't able to talk with her so I had to go back to the store to make a return and was talking with the blogger girl and she was like WOW your legs are amazing they are so skinny and toned. She asked how much it was I had lost and I told it was up to 55 pounds now she was like you look good. I didn't recognize you from behind either. I told her if I could just lose the tummy I would be happy. As we all know we loose where we might not need to. That is true for me, but at least it is a loss somewhere and the tummy will go down.

Saturday I really wanted to talk with the instructor and she was really busy but I did manage to sneak a quick chat with her. I asked her how I did and she told me I did great. She told me that she was going to be there next week but not the two after that. She said if I could I would get you to cover me but because I am not yet certified she can;t get me to cover. She said you are ready to do a class. So I asked what the next step was. She needs to get me the material, read it over take some quizzes, then do a class, evaluate me and then certify me. I'm like cool are you sure i'm ready she said yes you did great.

Yeah for me and I love it I can't wait to get training done and do my own class.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

doctor visit

Today was annual check up but i think really it has been more than a year from the last one. I weighted in and i had lost 5 more pounds from the last visit. I go in usually every two weeks but it had been 3 because i had already had this physical booked.

 So i have this bet with my kids everytime i go for a weigh in to see how  much i have lost, we all pick a number of weight we think i have loss. Now the receptionist is aware of the bet and will often ask me who won this time.

So my youngest said 4 middle said 5 and i said 6 only because thats really what i wanted but didnt think i had so my middle son won.

So the doctor was going over my progress and my blood work etc and she was flipping through pages in my chart and saying im just looking for something. So i sitting there on the table in the lovely gowns they give you lol and im waiting and she turns to me and says the lowest weight i have for you on file is 224 and that was in 1994, im like wow. That was 3 yrs after my oldest was born. She said you have broken that record as i am now 211 on her scale of course because all scales are different.

I have not been this low in obvioulsy a long time and i am so happy and proud of myself. I must it is awesome and i must thank all of my friends and supporters for you i dont think i could continue well maybe this time i could but thanks.

So the doctor and i were discussing this blog and how i have started it and i dont have alot of followers yet but were working on that. As well its not all about the following its the inspiration as well and i think i hope i am doing that for many people if not one person. I discussed as well my volunteer work at the Y and the possibilities it could lead into for me.

Which i never thought i would say im actually loving the time i spend there along with my two volunteer experiences. I have spent most of my working life in retail and to think of venturing out there in unknown charters is scary but exciting because i do love it so much. Me Dana the fat girl the lazy girl who would never think of excerizing let alone going to a gym and working out or even going for a walk with her kids but yes i am now doing it and i cant say it enough i love it.

I did i think overdue it the other day as i have been in pain from the lower back down to my legs. I mean excrutiating pain. For those of you who dont know i have a bad back to begin with i have a bulging disc and really why i left my former job. With time it has gotten better AQUAFIT a huge part of it healing but unfortunately with this injury it is always there just depends if i can live with it and be pain free or not. I could do the smallest thing and screw it up again which is what i beleive i have done. Yes it could also be the mattress i sleep on is doing it as well. Who knows but i have messed it up so i am taking it easy right now, that doesnt mean i stop the exercizing i do it in moderation and stretching it out as well. I also continue to eat properly especially if i cant move well and exercize as much as i want to right now. So i do what i can right now at the gym.

So all in all my doctor visit was a huge success and she even wanted to photocopy my weight chart for me. I didnt say anything to her but i was thinking it i know the success i am having i dont need the chart but it was a nice thought.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


So yesterday was my second day volunteering at the gym. I was to be shadowing the fitness coordinator so i was pretty nervous about doing so. I decided to mirror her from across the pool. This time i decided to wear shorts and put my hair up because it is so hot in the pool area, as well i brought water with me and a towel.

So we started out slow and i was keeping up with her and its going great. I also didnt get the weird looks from the members so it was good time so far. I was feeling so great i decided to join her right beside her and at first she thought i was leaving or stopping but i whispered im joining you.

 So i continued going with her and got some smiles from people and she says about a few minutes after i joined her, can you continue for me while i change me like oooohhhhhh ooooookkkkkk.

So i continued what she was doing and went with it. I smiled, i talked a little bit but mostly i was nervous as heck because i was just thrown into it and didnt know what exactly i should do. She came back and we started to dance.

She does Zumba for the last 10 minutes of the class which is alot of fun and people look forward to it.

The class finished and we went over to where everyone comes out of the pool and greeted people. After most were out she gave me and the other girl some advice. She said the number one thing she can tell us is greet people coming out of the pool. It seperates the good intructor from the bad you can have a not so good routine but friendlyness is a key to success.

I asked if we could talk for abit and we headed to her office and she told i will do fine i have rythm and personality. So i asked her some of my questions that i had. She answered them, i pretty much knew the answers but i wanted some tips. She told me that she is working with me backwards in a sense because i have already done the shadowing part but i need to the paper part etc. So she is going to give me some papers next week and gave me some websites to check out as well she trusted me with her music.

It was a good day

Friday, May 14, 2010


So when you are trying to loose weight do you ever get frustrated?

 I no i do i think that we are only human if we do. Its normal and there are many things to get frustrated over.


I think we ask ourselves this question probably the most, why is the weight not coming off. For many of us struggling with weight loss its a normal question and normal for at times the weight to not come off, but dont let this discourage you or stop you from achieving your goals. For me i tend to fall into stages and i loose a bunch of weight very quickly when i first out and then it starts to slide or taper off. I could go for a few weeks or days not losing anything but i think that this could not be im doing everything the same. So i decided to keep track of my measurements and sure enough the weight wasnt coming off but the inches were. Which leads me into the next frustration.


Another question we ask ourselves while trying to loose weight. Am i losing inches off my body because im not seeing it. Alot of times we dont see it but others do see it. Trust me from experience its coming off keep track of it. You dont have to do anything elaborate just keep it on a word program or in a journal. Dont become obsessive with it but check it once a week or two or even once a month. Same goes for that scale it could become your worst nightmare. Again trust me sometimes im on it daily and other times i avoid it like the plague. Especially when you are weighing yourself on different scales. Which i am right now, i actually am weighing myself on 3 scales and all are different, my home scale, Y scale and the doctor scale. I do have records from all three scales on my computer so i no the weight loss from all three.


Unfortunately this happens to all of this. I think the exact same thing and it happens to me as well. I dont need to loose it in my legs but the first place i do loose is yes my legs.
This post was inspired by my dear friend and she is working so hard along with me most days, but the weight just isnt coming off for her and yet she is looking so good you can see that she is losing its just not reflecting on that scale.

My advice is dont give up but maybe change something in your routine, ask around for advice, talk to others, read these posts lol but most of all dont give up.

Friday, May 7, 2010


So after that awful comment from that woman i have rised above her and overcome and will not let her put me down or break me. 

I had so many repsonces positive ones in retro spec to her comments and it boosted my confidence and reassured me as to why i am doing this. So i thank all of you for supporting me.

So today i was to shadow one of the instructors during aquafit. I was told to wear black pants, running shoes and my new volunteer Ymca tshirt. Which i did and my plan was to just watch and take notes and then discuss with Y personal later. When i got there i was talking with the instructor i decided to mirror her, she taught at one end of pool and i would be at the opposite end of her. This way the class could not see me unless she turned them around in the pool.

So decided i would feel comfortable enough to do that. So class started and im moving along and keeping up and im realizing how hot it is in the pool area, you dont notice it as much when you have bathing suit on, and you head straight into the pool. When your doing the class your out of the pool the entire time and i repeat it is hot in there.

 So about ten minutes into this im starting to feel very hot and sweaty. Im like i got to keep it up and show them i can do this for of the BBW out there, This is for us. About half way through i couldnt take it anymore and i went and got a drink in the locker room. Came back and contuinued on but man oh man did i sweat.

From the looks on some peoples faces I was not well recieved and then others were happy to see me there which was refreshing.

I have alot of questions that i want to go over with the coordinator and i have been working on a routine so that im ready for a class. I have it written down and in my head but i would like to practice it in the water so i can see time wise how long i have and if i need to add more.

It was fun, alot of work and i really and truly enjoyed myself.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

searching for the right words and ignorant people

So i have been struggling with my next post as it seems i have no followers yet and not many people have read my blog so im playing around with it to see how to get followers and let my friends know its out here etc.

Im not looking for fame or fortune from this i am looking to help women and men who have struggled with weight all there lives as i have and that it can be done and you dont have to spend alot of money doing so. As i am a single mom on government assistance right now.

So i finally came up with my next topic from yesterdays visit out shopping.

I worked for four years at a thrift store in my city and recently had to leave that job due to non work related injury, but i do go in there and shop alot to visit and the clothes are cheaper if i was to go retail. So i have been in there alot more recently because i am forever donating back to that store my larger clothes because they just dont fit anymore and i need new ones and im kind of in between sizes.

 I have gone from a 24-26 in pants and shirts to anywhere from a 14-18 depending on the brand and style. Which to me is alot and im sorry im looking and feeling great. So im at the checkout counter i hadnt found anything that visit but was talking to a current employee there and she made the comment im here alot more. SO i said well im widdling away to nothing i need new clothes. Her responce to me was "YOU ARE FAR FROM NOTHING". At the time i fluffed it off but as i got out of the store and thought to myself exactly what she said i was terribly insulted and hurt. Im sorry but losing 50 pounds is a big deal as my friends im sure could atest to.

So i posted this comment on my facebook profile and i have been getting nothing but positive comments back from my friends and how dare she.

To all of you haters out there of larger woman and who cannot be a positive person all i have to say is well honestly i cant say what i want to say so i will say this we are big beautiful women and if we choose to stay this way none of your business and if we choose to do something about it dont say a word because you will find a way to put us down.

To all of my supporters you rock and i thank you

Monday, May 3, 2010

gym workouts

Today i started out slow as i had a later night for myself but i remember how i feel after i finish my workouts. So i got up and got myself out the door and headed to the gym. I missed aquafit so i decided to head upstairs and walk the track. It was my arms day so i decided that i would try something new while i walked. I finished my 12 laps and decided i would grab some weights and walk. So i started out and walked while i did some bicep curls etc. I walked 6 laps around the track while doing the weights and felt great i could have kept going but i wanted to get my other weight training in so i finished up and headed downstairs to the weight floor.

I started out on my least favourite machine my friend calls the butterfly and then headed to my favourite machines, finished them up and then did my free weights. I didnt think i would enjoy so much but i truely enjoy doing the free weights almost as much as the machines.

I finished up my program and was feeling fabulous.

I sit here and think to myself how did i get to this point in my life after so long of being overweight and now im here losing this weight and trying to help other people. As well as starting to do volunteer work and considering employment at the gym. never in a million years would i have thought me Dana would want this so bad and love what i am doing. I guess it was the right time in my life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So yesterday i went to the Y for my workout and i walked the track doing my twelve laps which is equivilant to a mile. Listening to my tunes and power walking around the track thinking about what the doctor and i discussed about me blogging about my success with my wieght loss. How do i go about doing so and what do i talk about having never done this before. So i thought i just be honest and tell people how i did it and how i continue to do so.

So i finished my cardio workout and head downstairs to the weight floor and start to do my weights and im loving my new workout plan that i changed recently. I do my legs and core one day and the next day i do my arms.

There is one thing i learned while working out that you should never focus on the same area everyday as you are tearing your muscles and they need time to heal so you should split your muscles groups into two different days.

So im working hard on my legs and core yesterday and im feeling so good and sweating buckets from the workout. Remembering also what i was told about increasing weights instead of sets. Instead of doing more sets in your 3 set rotation per weight machine, means that you are ready to increase your weights. So if you are doing 40 pounds then increase by 5 pounds and stay with this for a few weeks.

I pretend not to know everything about weight loss or weight training i am just giving you guys the knowledge i have learned so far over the past few months.

I hope that with my volunteer work that i am starting this week, that i will learn more and gain some more knowledge for myself and for my friends.

So i left the Y feeling so great, refreshed, focused and could take on the world.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

First blog

Hi there everyone this is my first blog ever. I was at my doctors yesterday for my two week weigh in and we discussed my success and she suggested i write a blog about how i have lost my weight so here i am.

I have struggled with my weight since as long as i can remember. I have done all the diets out there been through many weight loss programs and i loose then gain all back. I have three kids and of course alot of baby weight left. Im telling you ladies and gentlemen you have to be in the right place in your life to want to loose weight and i am in that place now.

At the end of december 2009 i was at my highest weight in my life 260 pounds.

In January i became very sick and was in the hospital several times, medicatiosn after medications and different things happening in that month and ended up losing 20 pounds. As well I was talking to my worker and she suggested i start going to the YMCA to help out with my weight and my back problem. So at the end of January i started to go to the Y and workout and watch what i eat.

For the past 4 months i have been faithfully going to the YMCA and working out. I have started doing aquafit, zumba, treadmills, and walking the track. As well i do weight training everyday.

I have watched what i eat, eating less portion sizes, making fruit protein smoothies.

As of next week i will also be volunteering at the Ymca and so looking forward to it.

Since January i have lost a total of 50 pounds and i am feeling and looking great.

I want to do this to help get advice give advice to all of my BBW friends out there that have been there at some point in there life and support each other.