Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puppy and passions

I was attending a former employees retirement party on Friday and people asked me many questions about my weight loss. I of course was thrilled with explaining my success to people along with all the compliments I recieved on my new look. I also was talking about my new puppy.

So my new puppy, let me tell you all about her and what the heck does this have to do with my weight loss. Let me tell you, Sadie inspires me to go for a walk. In the beginning I would say to the kids we need to start walking everyday, keep in shape, keep them active but that didn't last long. When we got the puppy I told the kids that now for sure we need to get out and walk her. Now we do walk her not everyday but more than we were going out ourselves. As far as losing weight on a budget I would not recommend going out and buy a dog, as they are expensive. I was lucky to get her for nothing. What I would recommend is finding your inspiration to stay healthy, to continue to workout, and eat better and the weight will come off.

There are times in the past 7 months where I have gone through some bad days and some bad weeks. For me I only get discouraged if I gain but for the most part I maintain the weight and then get back on track.

There are times in our life where things could stop us from our routine and I'm in that boat right now. Kids are home from school because of the summer holidays and I am having a hard time with my schedule and my routine has been turned upside down. So if I can't workout at the gym what is a girl to do. Well we all know I am going to be getting my aquafit certification so I can practice at home my routine and that is a workout, of course I can now walk my new puppy, or find some exercises can do at home.

So not only do I have a new love for my new puppy and my workouts but I also have a new passion for photography. Check out my facebook photos and see some of my work.

I know this post was kind of random things, enjoy

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