Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finances 2 and weight loss

I wrote a blog recently about finances and trying to lose weight and I thought of some other things that have helped me and hopefully can help you.

One word WATER: I know that alot of people don't like to drink water but it is calorie free and proven to work when trying to lose weight. Regardless if you are or not tryign to lose weight it is something our body needs on a daily basis so why not drink it. Especially if you are working out and sweating you need to drink lots of water to recover the fluids lost while working out. Trust me I know I have been foolish at times to forget my water and have paid for it. On the financial part of it you can buy cases of water quite cheap now. Again look for the sales. Actually the cheaper the bottled water is better then nestle purelife and of course it is cheaper. I know what they say about tap water but it doesn't bother me I just let it run for awhile and i'm healthy. Again it is a personal preference.  I remember when I was doing weight watchers they suggested 8 glasses of water a day of 8 ounce glasses, now I don't think I'm drinking quite that much now but I am drinking alot more water again since I started this life change.

Label reader: I was never a label reader and even now I don't go about my shopping obsessed reading the labels to see how many calories or sugar are in a serving of something. I do tend to look at a label if it is something new i'm buying and mostly looking at the sugar content because I am a diabetic. I think that soem of what they put on the labels is not necessary all true. Remember just because it says light doesn't necessary mean it is better for you. So if you want to check out the labels on everything you buy and you feel ok with it by all means do so for me it is not a concern.

Cheating: How many of us struggle with weight in our society, I believe it is a large amount and I believe that we are human and all have that moment of I want that bag of chips or chocolate bar. It is ok we are human please don't look at it as cheating. We are aloud to endulge ourselves once in awhile. If it becomes more often than not then make a call to your support system that's what they are there for. Please don't beat yourself up about it either we have all had those moments. IT'S NORMAL

Restaurants and portions: So when dieting we can't avoid restaurants or special occasions. We all deserve a treat. So if you choose to be good at a restaurant then that's great but when we want to just go out and enjoy and not worry about that diet for one time then do so. If you want to be good and bad a little then most restaurants give such large portion sizes then use then best restaurant invention the doggy bag, then take the other half home and have for lunch the next day. Or just go for it and eat it all and have that dessert this time and get back to the diet the next day you deserve it. We all do every once inawhile.

Good luck and hope this helps. Let me know your successes and comment here.

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