Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1000 pound woman

So you are probably wondering about the title, well let me explain.

I was on facebook yesterday morning and looking at the home page and saw my radio station posted something so I always like to read there updates and was in shock at what I was reading.

So there is this woman who weighs 600 llbs now and is looking to reach 1000 llbs. WHY, WHAT is this woman thinking and why on earth are we giving her the attention. Can any of us say fame, fortune, publicity stunt.

Of course I must comment on this status and like many are outraged at this. I said why not focus on someone who is trying to better themselves, not someone who is harming themselves. Many agree with me and seems to be the consensus that this woman is harming herself and then come to find out she has children, 2 babies. Why would she do this to herself and her family.

I decided I need to distance myself from this and get ready for the gym.

Boys and I are driving to the school and what do I hear, my radio station talking about this on the radio now. Not only talking about it but they were actually talking with her. They were reading the posts from the web and how most listeners are disgusted but they will be talking with her again tomorrow.

There is also a web site dedicated to BBW's and of course she is on there. It is for men who love her and love her rolls (her quote). It is pictures of BBW eating, pictures of there rolls, etc. Ok so this is my thought I have been a BBW all my life and yes there are men out there who like us for us but really there are limits and boundaries as woman we should take. I get it that we should love ourselves for us but to flaunt it like that and to purposely try to gain weight is wrong. Would she feel the same way about someone who is anorexic or belimic (sorry for spelling) I bet she doesn't agree with that.

Anyways I guess she gets what she wants as I am here writing this blog technically about her and not my successes so lets turn the tables on something good and personal.

I am so close to my mini goal I can taste it. I stepped on the scale and I was 200 and I can not tell you the last time I was that let alone under 200 and I am 1 pound from that goal and to me making history in my life. My family and friends are behind and feels great to have such an awesome support system. Even my oldest son is supprtive and encouraging me and that means alot as we have struggled over the past few years with our relationship. So I guess in a sense another goal is being met.

My other goal is to get started volunteering at Y and that is soon coming to reality. I have done some of the paperwork involved. So I am close. Things just seem to be falling into place and I'm so happy about life right now.

THanks again to my readers, followers and supporters. You are greatly appreciated.

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