Monday, November 1, 2010


I know that it has been a long time since I have made my last post but here I am today writing this post. I have kind of been in a slump lately and not quite sure why, I mean there have been some reasons why I couldn't go to the gym one day but other times I just haven't felt like it and that't not what I want to portray to my kids or to my followers. The summer kind of started it, the boys not wanting to spend 2 hours a day at the gym while mommy works out. Now don't let me portray them as not supportive because they are, it's just they had some issues with other kids and kind of put them off of coming to the Y. So then of course other things come up that are personal that couldn't be avoided so I couldn't make it to the gym. My weight though did stay steady I at least managed to stay at my goal weight, neither going up or down. So that was a good thing because I continued to eat healthy. I also did continue to volunteer at the gym working on the desk and doing my aquafit every friday with the program director.

So September comes along and it's back to school time so I'm busy getting the boys settled into there new school so the first week I think I managed to make it to the gym 2 days and both those days I was volunteering so only working out once in a week. When for months I was use to working out almost everyday what a change and my body was definately feeling it. So for the month of September things just kept coming up and making it very difficult to go and work out but I would at least try to make it on Wednesday to volunteer and then on Friday  for aquafiit as I'm still trying to get certified. So maybe working out 2-3 times a week which is better than nothing.

I was talking with this lady from the Y who is a member as well and we were discussing her week and how she had, had a bad week and she felt she had cheated on her diet. I told her its not cheating we are human and aloud to have a few moments of weakness. If it continues to use her support system and she said thank you but she really doesn't have much of a support system as her parents buy her alot of the things she ate. That her support is people at the Y, so I suggested she go and check out my blog. Then I realized I'm telling her everything I know and maybe I should take my own advice that I just gave her. So a few days later she came to me and said Dana I just read your blog last night and you have given me so much inspiration and determination to get back to. Which of course I then realized she was my inspiration to get back to it again. Then I realized it wasn't just her that I inspired to get back to it it was me. I inpsired myself, somewhat of a kick in the ass.

October comes and i'm gun ho on getting back into my routine I developed back in Febuary. So Monday comes and I have a child home sick, REALLY ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Tuesday comes and everything is good to go and have an amazing workout in the pool but I still have no motivation to go upstairs and do the weights but I figure right now if I get my cardio in im better off than I was all of September. Week goes by and I was there everyday working out. Woo hoo I felt great.

While I was working on the desk one day An old friend had come in and we were both surprised to see each other let alone at the gym. I came around the counter and we both were amazed at how well we both looked she had lost some weight as well. So I invited her to check out my blog as well. Then a few minutes later another person I hadn't seen in a few years came in and we got to talking and catching up and I invited her to come out on Friday to my aquafit.

So Friday comes along and I had to be in the pool that day as they were certifying another instructor so we were talking and working out and then continued to talk after and we talked more about what she had been up to over the last few years. We realized that we had a common interest, well not so much interest but a common factor I guess you would call it. Anyways I continued to run into her and one day she was like oh I don't want to go upstairs and workout and I told I know the feeling I have been there a few times. I told her my story about the other Y woman and she motivated me along with my blog address.

I haven't seen her since I gave her the blog address so I can't wait to find out what she thought and I hope it helped her.

I apoligize to all my supporters and friends for not being on here and posting anything recently and I promise that I will be on here more often again posting.

Thank you for all your support friends and family

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